What is a Pre-Licensed Counselor and Are They Right for Me? 

Pre-licensed vs. Licensed 

To hold a license as a professional counselor (LPC) in the state of Pennsylvania, a therapist must adhere to strict requirements. A therapist working toward licensure is considered a “pre-licensed” professional. They hold a Master-level Counseling, or counseling related, degree from an accredited University and are in the process of acquiring 3000 hours of clinical experience to apply for and obtain their license as an LPC. It will take over 2 years for the pre-licensed professional to gain the clinical hours of experience to apply for their license. 

Currently, our pre-licensed therapist, Iris, has over 600 clinical hours of experience from internship and has passed the National Counselors Exam needed to obtain licensure. Read more about Iris. 

 Why Schedule with a Pre-licensed Therapist? 

At Lehigh Valley Counselors, we select our pre-licensed therapists to be a part of our team because of their years of experience in other helping-professions and their positive outlook on life. Our pre-licensed therapist has worked under our clinical supervision for a year during their graduate studies and continues to work closely with our clinical supervisor as they work toward their LPC. 

Working with a pre-licensed therapist brings a fresh perspective and the latest evidence-based treatments to help tailor a treatment plan that is unique to your needs/wants. Plus, not only will you benefit from their service, but you will be contributing to their experience needed to gain their professional license! 

Lower Costs

We offer a lower cost, out-of-pocket, rate for those who see a pre-licensed therapist. Insurance companies only reimburse for care under a licensed counselor (LPC). If you were to see an LPC and pay out-of-pocket, you would pay $130+ per session. Our pre-licensed rates are less than half of that cost and you receive the utmost care and attention, just the same as you would if you booked with an LPC.
The private pay rate for pre-licensed care is:

  • Initial intake session: $85
  • Follow-up sessions: $70

Up-to-date Training

Pre-licensed therapists have just completed their master’s degrees. They have studied the history of
counseling and have learned the latest evidence-based mental health treatments to best suit the needs
of individuals.

Telemental Health

With the unpredictability of life today, Telemental Health services take the worry out of having to “make time” for another thing in your life. Telemental Health services are relatively new and not everyone is prepared to make the technology leap, but our pre-licensed therapist has experience with Telemental Health and is offering these virtual services to accommodate the needs of each client.

Motivated & Fresh

Pre-licensed therapists bring an upbeat and fresh perspective, positive outlook, and are motivated to share their newly learned techniques to encourage, support, and enhance the therapeutic relationship and lives of each client.

Older Adolescent and Young Adult Connection

Our Pre-licensed therapist specializes in working on issues concerning older adolescents 15-18, and
young adults 19-35. Learn more about our pre-Licensed therapist, Iris.

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