Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life.
-Brian Tracy, author of The Psychology of Achievement

Skill in the art of communication is crucial to a leader’s success. He can accomplish nothing unless he can communicate effectively.
-Norman Allen

“Don’t communicate to be understood; rather, communicate so as not to be misunderstood.”
-Dr. John Lund

Every entrepreneur or boss wants to believe they’re good communicators. Most are to some extent, or they wouldn’t have acquired the position they have. As with many things in life, there is always room for improvement, however. Or maybe you have your eye on that promotion and know that your communication skills are one of your weaker areas. In either case, some training in professional communication can be helpful. Thriveworks counselors can help you work on your “people skills” as they pertain to the workplace.

Dianna Booher, a well-known business communication guru, created the book What MORE Can I Say?, a fun book suitable for laymen. This book gives a nine point checklist to help business communicators evaluate and improve their skills. Some of her suggestions include:

  • Generate trust.
  • Be collaborative.
  • Deliver messages with tact and sensitivity.
  • Think from the point of view of the listener.
  • Capitalize on emotion more than logic.

These kinds of skills are necessary to be an optimal business communicator. Other good suggestions are to avoid ridicule or attacking language in the workplace—it doesn’t have a place in a good work environment—have a sense of humor, and listen, don’t just hear. Effective business communication can help clear up misunderstandings, allow for better workplace rapport, and let everyone get their jobs done more quickly and effectively because there is less confusion as to what is expected to be done. At Lehigh Valley Counselors Counseling (Lehigh Valley), our counselors can help you realize how important your body language and facial expressions are in addition to the actual words you are saying.

Becoming a better communicator can help you move along the professional ladder you want to ascend. Warren Buffett, an American business magnate, once told a class of business students that good business communication could boost their value in the workplace by 50%. Who doesn’t want to be 50% more valuable to their company?

Lehigh Valley Counselors counselors can help you work on these and other business communication skills, as well as help you find and understand your strengths and improve your weaknesses. Give us a call at 610-596-4222, and we can get you started working on those skills necessary to succeed in business as soon as possible. We have evening and weekend hours to work around your busy schedule.

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