“Education that helps young people develop life skills has transformative potential.”

Wishing you’d taken home economics in high school? Wondering why adulthood doesn’t come with a manual? Lamenting that the “freshman experience” class in college covered how to get around campus, but not how to live on something other than ramen noodles? We get it; adulting is hard (ask any other adult—even if they make it look easy). Life skills coaching through Lehigh Valley Counselors can help.

Lehigh Valley Counselors life skills counseling gives you an opportunity to ask those questions you’ve felt you should just know the answers to. You’re an adult, right? But the truth is, most people only learn about taxes and health insurance and how important it is to your pocketbook to turn off the lights from their parents or from cold, hard experience. Life skills counseling can help you skip the cold and hard part of the experience. Whether your issue is that your paycheck doesn’t add up to how much your bills are or that you never quite figured out what a healthy meal was, we can help.

Life skills counseling can even go into the more in-depth things. Maybe you understand taxes and mortgage rates just fine, but your negotiation skills could use some help because you want to get the best deal on your dream house. Maybe you’ve just had a baby or started graduate school, and you know you could use some work on your organization and time management skills. Or maybe you want to parent better than your parents did. Lehigh Valley Counselors life skills counseling can also cover communication, goal setting, and self-care plans.

Life skills are an important part of life, but sometimes they’re glossed over in the period of growing up. As an adult, you become so busy doing adult tasks you forget that including your child might be beneficial to them after they leave the nest. Because they’re things you just do, right? It’s hard when you make it to adulthood and realize that you never actually watched your mom write a check, or buy stamps, or helped your dad with the meal planning for the week. Things that had always been someone else’s responsibility are now your responsibility, and you want to handle them competently.

Whether your parents are a call away for help on the problems you don’t quite understand or you’re entering a phase of life your parents never got to (such as a graduate degree or home ownership), life skills counseling at Lehigh Valley Counselors can help make the experience clearer and less overwhelming. You can go out into life knowing that you have the knowledge you need to succeed in your endeavors without second-guessing yourself. Give us a call at  610-596-4222; we’re standing by waiting to help you on your journey to the life you’ve imagined.

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